Why I decided to do NFTs and what I learned about them

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5 min readJan 16, 2022

I’ve been working really hard for the last three weeks on this new project, called UglyZoo NFT. I’ve been really inspired, and energized… coming up with new ideas, thinking about how to scale it up… and the feeling is totally awesome.

But I feel at this point I have to reflect a bit on why I’m doing it. And give you all some information about who I am.

It all started with an innocent conversation about a month ago. I was talking with a friend about NFTs, and he said: “ You draw, right? You should totally do it!”

Of course, I knew about NFTs, as I knew about crypto… but it sounded all Greek to me. I had no idea what it is, what it meant or how one is supposed to use it.

Which is a shame. I’ve always felt that I’m someone that is open to learning new things. At least I was…

Age. What a funny thing. You don’t feel it, it just creeps up on you. You’re young, you’re healthy, strong and smart, until one day you’re not. And that’s the worst kind of feeling.

I remember well, when I made my first website… I believe it was in the Stone Age… Yahoo was the only one search engine and computer monitors were big enough to fill in half a room. I was already a relatively well known cartoonist, being published in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. I was also, what you might call, “self-syndicated”. So I was always looking for new opportunities. Naturally, when I heard of “the internet”, I jumped on this idea with open arms. A place where you can exhibit your work and find new clients? What a dream.

And it was. I started getting more and more work. Even Yahoo came knocking one day, and I helped them build their first ecard section. It was all going well, the future was bright and the dreams were big… And then, all of a sudden, the ‘internet bubble’ burst. I’m dating myself here, am I? Yes, that was Web 1. I was part of it.

I then tried different things, built several relatively popular websites, created a hosting company, made a multimedia marketing firm, but the ‘big success’ was always elusive. Web 2 came and I saw myself joining the 9-to-5 movement. Life often does that – proving itself to be a sticky web of little things that many times may bring you down, and sometimes can lift you up….

Which brings me to that moment, to that convo I had with my friend. NFTs? What the hell is that? I decided to learn as much as I can about them, the only way I know how – by doing the work.

I came up with a concept: the UglyZoo – community for the adorable misfits. A gang of funny characters that can easily live in comic strips, books, games, animations… I made the business plan, drew up the characters, wrote up the story; designed the website, made a Discord server, the whole nine yards. Jeez, if I only knew how much work it is… And you know what? I LOVE IT! I love it all! Because I see so much potential!

Web 3 is so exciting! And NFTs are a truly amazing concept. It took me a while to fully grasp the idea, but now I wholeheartedly believe this new technology will have a huge impact on our everyday life, in ways we probably don’t understand yet. Just like newspapers, radio, TV or the Internet had before that.

Why? Because it’s a new way for indisputably authenticating stories. And stories are the glue that unites communities. Communities of similar thinking individuals. People who breathe, talk, exchange. ideas and do stuff together. And that’s beautiful.

And those non-fungibles (or whatever we may call them in the future) are the glue that keeps everything together. They are the indisputable proof of belonging. You own an ‘UglyZoo’ NFT/token/avatar/whatever – you’re part of the UglyZoo community. With all the glory, haha.

I may be wrong… I’ve been before… We’re in that crypto mambo jumbo infancy. With that, naturally, comes a lot of negativity and doubt – there’s always a scammer that will try to steal something, or uncertainty about how to use it, or the worry that we’re once again hurting our planet by our over-greed. And that, unfortunately, to a large extent is true. But it’s also true that almost every new invention has some negative traits. We may enjoy all our electricity, gadgets, cars, airplanes, smart homes, etc. (fill in the blanks)… no question, they all come at a cost. And all we can do is find ways to make them less intrusive, less taxing on the environment. I believe that with some time, good will and ingenuity, we’re on the right track.

Yes, crypto and NFTs can be disruptive, but at the same time they are incredible ideas that may… or more like it, WILL revolutionize our lives. And yes, I believe… no, I know that technology will evolve and improve. It always does. There are a lot of really smart people working together to solve all the issues.

Which brings me back to the concept of NFTs and how incredibly flexible, usable they can be. Not only for businesses, but also for individuals and creative people. You know – those independent artists, musicians, entertainers who usually don’t find a way to reach their fans and get screwed up by the big labels.

I believe that NFTs give them, and give us a new chance. NFTs open a new door. And what comes next depends on us.

It’s a brave new world, folks! Let’s get together and build something amazing!

Website: https://www.uglyzoo.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/evlad

Discord: https://discord.gg/uglyzoo

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uglyzoonft/

Medium: https://uglyzoonft.medium.com/

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