Introducing UglyZoo NFT

UglyZoo NFT
3 min readJan 2, 2022

2021 was an interesting year. It had its challenges with the ongoing global pandemic and crazy weather events but on the upside it introduced even more people to the digital world, crypto currencies and the mysterious world of NFTs.

2022 will be even better.

We’d like to introduce you to UglyZoo — a community for adorable misfits!

Welcome to The Zoo

UglyZoo is the brainchild of Vlad, aka The Vlade, a reclusive cartoonist who spent years drawing funny pictures on random pieces of paper. Once he got a computer, he became addicted to pixels and the rest, as they say, is history.

The UglyZoo gang includes a variety of cute animal characters — starting with a penguin, an elephant and a hippo, and many more to come. Each of them has a very distinct personality, but The Vlade created them from one consistent and unifying shape.

Why “ugly” in UglyZoo?

Well, it’s a catchy name… but there is more to it.

What does ugly mean (especially in the context of social media trendsetting)? And what is beautiful? In today’s digital world it is easy to emulate trends and adopt the same airbrushed, filtered, ‘insta’ look. UglyZoo aspires to be a safe space for those who value their uniqueness and encourages us all to be different, playful, fun, and to not take ourselves too seriously.

The UglyZoo Community

The Vlade’s decision to turn the UglyZoo gang into NFTs is an opportunity to create a core community which will help in the project’s development and growth decisions. That way the UglyZoo idea becomes a truly decentralized, community driven project. Aside from acquiring some very cute profile pictures — the UglyZoo community will have many other perks, like exclusive community events, sharing profits from sales, access to limited edition NFTs and more!

The UglyZoo first set will consist of 4,999 randomly generated ‘Pingo the Penguin’ character images, with other characters to follow. With over 100,000 potential combinations for Gen 1 Pingo, only 4,999 of them will ever exist! All Gen 1 animals will have uniquely rare blue skin colour, never to be repeated.

The idea behind the UglyZoo is not only to create an opportunity for a community driven project, but also to help spread crypto awareness and adoption, while utilizing the NFTs potential for longevity.

Truly, the success of the UglyZoo project depends on the community we build. Like most things — we will need time to see how it will grow and what direction it will take. The potential is enormous — from using these cute characters to safely introduce a new generation to the crypto economy, to giving back and making a difference.

Just think ahead and imagine UglyZoo books, cards and (why not?) animated series… it’s all possible, with your collective help.

Please join us on Discord, share your thoughts and ideas — and help us build something truly amazing.








UglyZoo NFT

NFT community for the adorable misfits. Join in and help us build something extraordinary!