Introducing UglyZoo NFT

We’d like to introduce you to UglyZoo — a community for adorable misfits!

Welcome to The Zoo

Why “ugly” in UglyZoo?

Well, it’s a catchy name… but there is more to it.

The UglyZoo Community

The Vlade’s decision to turn the UglyZoo gang into NFTs is an opportunity to create a core community which will help in the project’s development and growth decisions. That way the UglyZoo idea becomes a truly decentralized, community driven project. Aside from acquiring some very cute profile pictures — the UglyZoo community will have many other perks, like exclusive community events, sharing profits from sales, access to limited edition NFTs and more!



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UglyZoo NFT

UglyZoo NFT

NFT community for the adorable misfits. Join in and help us build something extraordinary!